Welcome To An Appalachian Technology Company

Where light travels at high altitudes.

Welcome to SharpeTronics, where light travels at high altitudes.  We are a mountain made company in the Appalachians of West Virginia that strives with software and hardware technologies. We are statewide leaders in our area of expertise and invite you to support local business.

Our mission is to enable a modern web architecture that empowers the user and enables accessibility for both beginners and experts. We are a technology business that challenges the status quo of web development and shares technical knowledge for both local and remote stations.

Our commitment to you is quality satisfaction, affordable and lightweight performance for worldwide availability with no strings attached.

We provide solutions that create resilient, secure and portable online infrastructure built to last the future, while enabling straight-forward seamless integration's for happy developers and editors alike.

We say NO to the complex insecurities and inaccessible culture created around hefty JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React or heavy database integration's like WordPress or Joomla. These structures create more resistance than needed and end up crafting solutions that are complicated, costly and unfriendly.

Our web stack delivers headless content management, worldwide availability, resiliency, accessibility and scalability, while maintaining simplicity, affordability and lightning performance. We remove unneeded barriers and strengthen connections between the user and developer.

A variety of keywords that are associated with our software stack include: JAMstack, progressive web apps (PWA), content management systems (CMS), Ecommerce, newsletters and static websites.  If you are eager to learn, get in touch or join our team, please contact us via email.

Financial Support & Donations

I mainly debug code, drive, yak shave and deep dive into research for Linux base operating systems.

I am a Free Software Associate (FSF), privacy advocate and Cosmopolitan that enjoys philosophie, meta-physics, hacking and debugging computer hardware/software.